Consortium & EAB members

Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives

Primary contact: Valéry Vuillerme
Country: France
CEA (France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) and a full member of EARTO. It aims to produce, integrate and transfer science and technology to help resolve the main EU challenges (low carbon energies, defense and security, information and healthcare technologies) and to exploit opportunities for new wealth creation, improved standards of living, and economic competitiveness.

SINTEF Energy Research

Primary contact: Francesco Finotti
Country: Norway
SINTEF Energy Research is a part of the SINTEF Group, which is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, with more than 2100 employees. SINTEF is a broadly based, multidisciplinary research institute with international top-level expertise in technology, medicine, and the social sciences.

Absolicon Solar Collector AB

Primary contact: George Pius
Country: Sweden
Absolicon has a unique technology, based on 20 years of research, for extracting energy in different forms using concentrated solar collectors, or solar concentrators. The concentrators help reduce the production costs, while simultaneously providing a high degree of energy efficiency in the form of thermal energy, solar electricity, solar cooling, solar heat and solar steam.

Industrial Solar GmbH

Primary contact: Farah Gammoh
Country: Germany
Industrial Solar GmbH (ISG) provides customized solutions for renewable energies and energy efficiency in the medium power range. Industrial Solar systems use solar thermal energy, photovoltaic, combined heat and power or efficiency measures. In addition, Industrial Solar offers consulting on optimizing existing energy systems and comprehensive engineering services. Industrial Solar has extensive know-how and experience in international projects and is world leader in solar Fresnel collector projects for industrial applications.


Primary contact: Ivan Jerman
Country: Slovenia
National institute of Chemistry (NIC) is a leading research institution in Slovenia in the field of chemistry and related science. NIC currently employs 331 employees, of which around 292 carry out research work in nine departments and two infrastructure centres; 149 of these have doctorates of science degrees. The mission of the NIC is to expand knowledge, transfer knowledge to younger generations as well as apply the newly acquired knowledge in industry.

Rina Consulting S.p.A.

Primary contact: Michele De Santis
Country: Italy
RINA is a global corporation that provides services across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors through a global network of 170 offices in 65 countries. Through its 3.700 talented professionals, RINA provides a wide range of high quality tailored solutions aiming to back up the market operators across the entire life cycle of their projects. All RINA services are performed at the highest professional level, understanding, and complying with Client’s needs and requirements while taking into due consideration sustainability and health, safety and environmental targets.

Institut National de l’Energie Solaire

Primary contact: Immaculada Miracle
Country: France
Institut National de l’Energie Solaire (INES) is the leading solar energy centre in France, the third in Europe, the fourth in the world and the French representative of the International Solar Alliance, dedicated to research, innovation and training on solar energy. INES is organised in three main platforms: the Research & Innovation Platform (named CEA Liten), the Training and Evaluation Platform and the Dissemination Platform (both named INES PFE).

Clariant Produkte (Deutschland GmbH)

Primary contact: Herbert Maier
Country: Germany
Clariant is one of the world’s leading globally operating specialty chemical companies headquartered in Muttenz near Basel in Switzerland with an annual turnover of about 5.9 billion EUR and a total staff of about 18’000 employees. Active in most countries of the world on five continents, Clariant contributes to value creation with innovative and sustainable solutions for a multitude of customers from many industries and businesses.


Primary contact: Ana Silva
Country: Portugal
SONAE is a multinational group managing a wide portfolio of businesses, creating value across several geographic areas, which includes its affiliate company SONAE ARAUCO, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of wood-based panels. SONAE was established in 1959 as a manufacturing company, it diversified its business during the 1980s also to retail and in the 1990s also to telecommunications, achieving a turnover of over €5bn in 2017.


Primary contact: Václav Smítka
Country: Czech Republic
AMIRES is a consulting and management company for research, development and innovation projects, which provides the necessary strategic and administrative support to high quality international teams to achieve their objectives and facilitates the research-industrial and research-policy making interface. AMIRES follows projects from their initiation and planning, through negotiation, execution and management to the final stage, where exploitation of new technologies, products or services is facilitated. Moreover, main mission of the company is to facilitate the access of European research to high-tech SMEs and improve exploitation of innovative ideas. AMIRES s. r. o. is based in the Czech Republic but provides its services all around Europe.


The support of the External Advisory Board (EAB) will ensure objective decisions of the General Assembly during the technical specification phase at the start of the project, validation of results and the continuity of high quality objectives before mid‐term and support for flawless result exploitation and shift towards potentially new innovative products at the end of the project.

The list of selected experts, members of the FRIENDSHIP External Advisory Board, are the following:

  • Dr Thomas Ammerl, Head of unit Environment, Energy & Bioeconomy, BayFOR
  • Bérénice Crabs, Secretary General, European Solar Thermal Electricity Association, ESTELA
  • Àngels Orduña, Executive Director, A.SPIRE
  • Hervé Muguerra, European project officer, Tenerrdis