Scientific publications repository tool

FRIENDSHIP Consortium will use the CEA and SINTEF repository tools for peer-reviewed publications to ensure the fulfillment of all the open access requirements in line with the open science principles.

Furthermore, the project will publish and benefit from the peer-reviewed publications on the Horizon Europe Open Research Publishing Platform, which should be launched by the European Commission in 2021.

In this section, all the repository links of the peer-reviewed publications will be reported.

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This month, our consortium has released three scientific works available in open-access: one article in a specialized journal and two public deliverables. The article, Choked liquid flow in nozzles…

An algorithm in the service of SHIP

Our partner CEA, in collaboration with CNRS and USMB, has published an article explaining the methods and results of the use of a MILP algorithm and a 0D model in hybrid solar thermal plants. This wor…

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FRIENDSHIP was listed among the most valuable projects related to solar heating of larger scale buildings. This article, published by MDPI and co-written by Valéry Vuillerme (CEA), is a report of the…