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FRIENDSHIP at High Temperature Heat Pump Symposium

High Temperature Heat Pump Symposium was held in Copenhagen on January 23rd and 24th and was a valuable moment for innovation and collaboration. At the forefront of this event was SINTEF, our project partner, presenting their research on turbo compressors for HTHP within the framework of FRIENDSHIP. Ole Marius Moen, researcher at SINTEF, delivered a comprehensive evaluation of turbo-compressor performance tailored for a water-based HTHP, designed specifically for solar-assisted heat supply systems.

The symposium attracted over 400 participants representing academia, supplier industries, end-users, and regulatory agencies. Their enthusiastic engagement highlighted the significance of projects like FRIENDSHIP, which set new benchmarks in HTHP technology. Of particular note was the scarcity of cases presented with steam generating heat pumps exceeding 8-10 bara, highlighting the pioneering nature of the research. Moreover, the absence of actual pilot HTHP demo-cases reaching temperatures above 120°C accentuates the ambitious trajectory of projects like FRIENDSHIP, which push the boundaries of what is achievable in the field.

In conclusion, the High Temperature Heat Pump Symposium in Copenhagen showed the advancement of sustainable heating solutions. Through the collaborative efforts of institutions like SINTEF and initiatives like FRIENDSHIP, the landscape of HTHP technology continues to evolve, offering promising prospects for energy-efficient heating systems in the near future.

For those seeking to dig more into the symposium and explore the cutting-edge developments in HTHP technology, the provided link offers a comprehensive resource for further information: HTHP Symposium 2024