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FRIENDSHIP at SolarPaces 2021

This year, two experts from CEA highlighted the progress and results of respectively Work Package 4, about the absorption chillers (Fabio Aste), and Work Package 5, about the thermal storage (Pierre Garcia), during the event that took place online from 27th September to 1st October.

The WP4 was introduced through an article: Numerical Study on Multi-effect and Multi-stage NH3/H2O Absorption Chillers for Negative Cooling in SHIP Systems. This publication focuses on the Generator-Absorber heat eXchange (GAX) cycle, simulated on EES (Engineer Equation Solver) for -20°C and -40°C cooling production, and the two-stage cycles simulated for the -40°C cooling case. The numerical comparison allows identifying the best solutions for the SHIP integration, giving an overview on the operating temperature ranges for each cycle.

Overview of the cycles’ performance as a function of the heat source temperature

As for the WP5, both a presentation and an article, Material selection and prototype design of a double-fluid circulation PCM storage for SHIP applications, allowed to explain the development of the PCM storage, including the selection of the right PCM candidates, the possible two-fluid designs, the sizing parameters and the thermal calculations.

Selection of the best design for a PCM storage with double-fluid circulation

You can find the complete presentation of WP5 at SolarPaces 2021 here.