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FRIENDSHIP at the symposium “Colloque du Pôle Cristal” 2023

The symposium “Colloque du Pôle Cristal” took place in Dinan on 7th November 2023.

Organized every year by the Pole Cristal, with the support of the International Institute of Refrigeration and of the Carnot Institute, the meeting brought together more than 100 players from the world of refrigeration and climate engineering. The common thread of the 2023 edition was refrigeration for decarbonisation.

During the symposium, in a session named: “European Project FRIENDSHIP: development of a solar thermal solution to meet the demand for industrial heat and cold”, Anouk Muller and Hai-trieu Phan from CEA presented the FRIENDSHIP Project. During the presentation, special attention was paid to the absorption chiller developed in the framework of FRIENDSHIP and several questions were arisen by the public.

Big thanks to our CEA partners who represented FRIENDSHIP at the symposium “Colloque du Pôle Cristal!