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Halfway through the project

The Horizon 2020 project FRIENDSHIP reached the halfway milestone this month and for the occasion the whole consortium met in Sweden for a two-day event.

The meeting started with the projection of the film: “Our Planet: Our Business” by David Attenborough, to remind about the vital role companies have in building a sustainable future.

On the agenda, an overview of the progress in the running Work Packages was presented. In addition to that, in the Third General Assembly, the consortium had also the opportunity to discuss management plans and implementations within the project. The second day, instead, was dedicated to technical discussions and to future collaborations among partners.

During the meeting, FRIENDSHIP also received very valuable feedback and suggestions by Mr. Thomas Ammerl, External Advisory Board member from BayFOR.

The event was hosted by ABSOLICON who provided insight into the concentrated solar collectors they developed.

Future looks bright for FRIENDSHIP!

FRIENDSHIP M24 meeting in Sweden