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Progress on the thermal storage

A prototype of TES (Thermal Energy Storage) is being designed for later tests at CEA, on two experimental facilities, with different Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) -pressurized water and thermal oil- and operating ranges. Several heat exchangers designs have been considered, using parallel or concentric tubes, with or without inserts, in square or triangular array. A feasibility study was also conducted to investigate if extruded aluminium tubes could be used as HTF containers in the necessary temperature and pressure conditions. Thanks to this study, CEA has all the required documents to consult manufacturers for the CHS prototype, such as drawings and thermo-mechanical calculation notes in compliance with the European Pressurized Equipment Directive.

A suitable candidate for the PCM to be used in the storage unit was also characterized, thanks to thermogravimetric analysis, calorimeter evaluations, density measurement and heating cycles.