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Prototype of the absorption chiller under testing

After investigating numerically, the different GAX (Generator-Absorber heat eXchange) cycles for absorption cooling at -20°C and -40°C from solar heat, a prototype was designed for typical FRIENDSHIP operating temperatures. This prototype was designed to meet at cold demand at -20°C using solely environmentally friendly refrigerants (ammonia and water). In addition, the chosen architecture prioritizes widely available components over custom-made ones to minimize the manufacturing costs. The prototype was built and integrated in a test rig in the INES platform for thermic studies and underwent a series of tests to evaluate its performances under various working conditions and demand profiles.

Absorption chiller prototype

Using the experimental data gained from the in-lab testing campaign, the numerical model was adjusted to better predict the prototype’s performances.

Upon completion of the lab tests, the chiller prototype will be integrated in the larger FRIENDSHIP prototype in Grenoble for further experiments including the solar field and the heat storage.

CEA researchers