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Ongoing manufacturing of the Thermal Energy Storage

In the past months, CEA worked on the prototype of TES (Thermal Energy Storage) to integrate into FRIENDSHIP solution. So far CEA selected and characterized the Phase Change Material (PCM) and finalized the design of the prototype.

Several heat exchanger designs were considered, using parallel or concentric tubes, with or without inserts, in square or triangular array. Thermal performances of these configurations were then assessed using both a 2-D Finite Element Method tool and a one-dimensional dynamic model to estimate whether the storage prototype can be charged and discharged within rated charge and discharge times. The simulation results from these models helped to refine tubes and inserts dimensions, resulting in the selection of three promising storage options.

Unfortunately, the manufacturing of the storage prototype suffered from severe delays due to the manufacturer and its subcontractor in charge of the drawings and calculation note to comply with the requirements of the selected manufacturing code.

However, meanwhile CEA had the time to adapt the existing test facility, LHASSA, to reach the testing conditions of the FRIENDSHIP prototype (higher mass flow rates), and to upgrade its control system.

The estimated delivery date of the prototype is now June 2023.

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